Building the house on rock

Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

School Council

Our school council play a very important role in the life of our school. Two class representatives are elected from each class (Y2 - Y6) creating a school council of 20 children. This group meet at least every half term to discuss matters to improve the school and make sure the pupil voice is heard from throughout the school.

So far we have discussed the new school dinners, which have been positively received and everyone was happy with how lunch times are running.

One of our first discussions was to create the focuses for the School Council Action Plan this year. Our chosen priorities are:

  1. To create opportunities for the children to be more involved in collective worships.

We discussed how the children would like to play an active role in collective worship. They would like opportunities to be involved in the planning and delivery of collective worship. Some of the suggestions they put forward were:

  • To read a greeting at the beginning.
  • To read a prayer at the end of assembly.
  • To be involved in the head teacher’s assemblies by doing demonstrations (drama).
  • Year 6 School Councillors to light the candle.
  • School council to choose when the classes can leave assembly.
  • School council to lead the classes back to their classrooms with the teacher at the back of the line.
  • Meet and greet the visitors.
  • Introduce any visitors to assembly.
  • Year 6 helpers to have time to teach each other about the assembly job role.
  • School council to announce the song.
  • School council to report back to governors.
  1. To gather honest feedback from the pupils about marking and feedback.

We discussed how the councillors could collect feedback from their classes about the current marking policy and the newly introduced peer improvement process.

  1. To ensure the continuation of the Maths Bif (maths meetings and marvellous multiples)

The councillors will meet and provide feedback to ensure maths meetings are being held in every class. To provide feedback on how the times tables and marvellous multiples are going.


The first event on the councillors’ calendar was Children in Need, where they volunteered to arrive at school early to help with the early morning coffee morning and ‘bring and buy’ sale. They were involved in selling raffle tickets, cakes, books and toys. They were a great help to the staff involved.  As a school we decided to split the money raised between ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Young Minds’.  We have since received a certificate, thanking the school for the money received from Young Minds.

The previous school council team from last year introduced zoning at lunch times. This was well received by everyone but some of the children would like to see some different zones for this year so the councillors will be speaking to their classes very soon to gather some suggestions for new zones ready for the Spring Term.

The councillors are now planning to invite an important guest into school for afternoon tea. Wait for the update on this one!