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Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

School Council


Our school council play an active role in the life of our school.  Two class representatives are elected from each class (year 2 – year 6) creating a school council of 20 children.  The council meet at least every half term to bring the child voice of the school alive and make sure it is heard throughout the school.

This year has been slightly different as due to our ‘Covid bubbles’ we have not been able to get everyone together. So we have had smaller meetings. We started by asking all our councillors how they found things during lockdown and how coming back to school was for them.

This was the first set of minutes:

Minutes of the School Council meeting 25-09-20

Is it good being back?

  • Really good to see all of your friends.
  • It is exciting being back. We have not been in school for ages. It is good getting back into routines.
  • I don’t want to leave school.
  • It is great learning new things.
  • I have missed the lessons.
  • It is great being back at school – great to see friends again.
  • Getting to learn things.
  • Good to meet new people who have started the school.
  • It is brilliant being back.
  • It feels amazing.
  • Because we have been off to long, it is good to start learning again.
  • We feel safe.


How does the school feel after being away for so long?

  • The school doesn’t feel any different.
  • The school just feels the same.
  • It is just ‘normal Whitefriars.’
  • The handwashing/gel is all ok – absolutely fine.


Which bits of school life are not the same?

  • I miss seeing everyone in Collective Worship.
  • I miss using the library and choosing my own book.
  • It would be great if we could suggest books to put into our class library e.g. animal books.
  • I really miss reading books.
  • You just have to do it – lots of change but still feels normal.
  • There’s lots of signs everywhere.
  • I miss my reading buddy!
  • The classrooms are the same just with more signs to help keep us safe


How was it learning from home during the lockdown?

  • I missed the ‘teacher talk’ and them explaining things.
  • The extra videos from the teachers were really helpful.
  • I really liked the staff heart video – that made me cry!
  • My Mum speaks Lithuanian and I speak better English than her – we found it tricky.
  • I would much rather be at school (100% of the children agreed that they would rather be at school than learning from home)
  • Half of the children explained that they got up and got on with the work each day and the other half said that they chilled first and then got on with the work in the afternoon (maybe after some parental nagging).
  • It was boring being at home.
  • I like being at school more than at home.


School council meeting minutes 18 11 2020

School council action plan 2019-2020

School council letter to Cleaners

School council letter to kitchen

Minutes 13-11-19 Recycling

 25 Things to do Before You Leave Whitefriars


The Whitefriars ’25 Things to do Before You Leave Whitefriars’ is designed to further enhance our outstanding curriculum. It gives every child the opportunity to participate in 25 experiences which they will remember for a lifetime. It has evolved from discussions about the National Trust’s top 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ . Each one of the top 25 is designed to push boundaries of experiences traditionally associated with school. The key idea behind it is to give children access to a range of experiences which they will always remember!


The list was constructed by the children and teachers of Whitefriars. First each class council constructed their own list which the school council representatives, after much discussion, collated into a single list. Teachers and other school staff also constructed their own list which was taken back to the school council and added where possible. Initial ideas were discussed, some were eliminated, others were expanded upon. The final ’25 Things to do!!’ experiences have been developed following these meetings.

Click here to access the '25 Things to do before you leave Whitefriars' bookletWord icon