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Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

Maths Focus Plan

Times Tables

We believe children who have a strong grasp of their times tables are more confident when learning new mathematical concepts and then they are able to enjoy the subject more. It is important they understand the tables not just memorise them. Our mastery approach to teaching maths emphasises that getting facts to stay in a child’s memory is easier if the facts are developed over time and practiced regularly.

We teach times tables in early years through songs and chants, along with counting and grouping resources. We then move on to using images and written multiplication.  These techniques enhance understanding and fluency, by enabling the students to make links and spot patterns/relationships between the numbers.

We want our children to know their times tables and be able to draw on their knowledge to solve other maths problems.

We recognise the importance of help with practicing times tables at home so we delivered a session to our parents on how to support their children. Thank you to all who attended.

Please click on the links below for more information and resources.

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