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Whitefriars Curriculum Policy

COVID Recovery Curriculum

Thinkuknow Resources for Parents

Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Year 2 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Year 3 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Year 4 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Year 5 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Year 6 Curriculum Map Term by Term

Curriculum Enrichment

25 things to do at Whitefriars

Planned trips and enrichment activities

Reception - EYFS

Autumn 1 - It's good to be me

Autumn 2 - People who help us

Spring 1 - Dinosaurs

Spring 2 - Living and Growing

Summer 1 - Fairytales

Summer 2 - Holidays

EYFS Policy


Read, Write, Inc

Read Write Inc expectations of progress

Reading at home booklet

Reading at home booklet 2


Destination Reader

Reading Curriculum



Maths Policy

Whitefriars Calculation Policy

Whitefriars Maths Scheme of Work

Mathematical Vocabulary

Reception Learning Overview

Year 1 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 1

Year 2 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 2

Year 3 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 3

Year 4 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 4

Year 5 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 5

Year 6 Learning Overview

Curriculum Objective Year 6

2022 Information for parents - Y4 Multiplication tables check

Physical Education

Reception PE

Year 1 PE

Year 2 PE

Year 3 PE

Year 4 PE

Year 5 and 6 PE

Real PE assessment statements

Real PE Assessment

Key Vocabulary for PE

PE - Vocabulary 2022

Religious Education

 Whitefriars RE Curriculum


Science Vocabulary progression

Curriculum Overview Science

What does Science at Whitefriars look like?

Removing barriers to the Primary Science curriculum for Whitefriars

Working Scientifically - Year 1 and 2

Working Scientifically - Year 3 and 4

Working Scientifically - Year 5 and 6

Science Gallery



Writing Curriculum Overview Reception

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 1

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 2

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 3

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 4

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 5

Writing Curriculum Overview Year 6

Modern Foreign Languages

MFL overview

MFL Curriculum Map

Whitefriars MFL Vocabulary Y3 & Y4


 Vocabulary Years 1-6

Progression With Outcomes - Year 1

Progression With Outcomes - Year 2

Progression With Outcomes - Year 3

Progression With Outcomes - Year 4

Progression With Outcomes - Year 5

Progression With Outcomes - Year 6


History Curriculum Map

History - Golden Thread for parents

Chronology and historical enquiry skills progression


Year 1 Curriculum Map

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Vocabulary progression for Geography


Whitefriars Computing Progression of Vocabulary

Whitefriars Computing Progression of Skills

NCCE Curriculum Journey

Statement of Computing Scheme

Design Technology

DT Progression of language whole school

DT Progression of skills whole school


Art Pupil Progression

Art - Key Vocabulary Lists by Year

Autumn Term 2022-23 Knowledge Organisers

Y1 - Julia Donaldson

Y2 - Fire

Y3 - Stone Age

Y4 - Romans

Y5 - World War 2

Y6 - Vikings

Spring Term 2021-22 Knowledge Organisers

Y1 Poles Apart Knowledge Organiser

Y2 Woodland Warriors Knowledge Organiser

Y3 Chocolate Knowledge Organiser

Y4 Rainforest Knowledge Organiser

Y5 Anglo Saxon Knowledge Organiser

Y6 Underground/Overground Knowledge Organiser 

Summer Term 2021-22 Knowledge Organisers

Y1 - Sea and Sky Knowledge Organisers

Y2 - Around the World Knowledge Organiser

Y3 - Charlottes Web Knowledge Organiser

Y4 - Kings Lynn Knowledge Organiser

Y5 -Treasure Island Knowledge Organiser

Y6 - Egyptians Knowledge Organiser

 Learning Journeys

 We record our exciting topic work on our Learning Journey displays

Learning Journeys


Learning Journeys