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Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy


At Whitefriars, we are very proud of our creative curriculum and all of the amazing curriculum enrichment activities that we offer our children to ensure that as a school we bring learning to life! Our curriculum is taught through a creative topic approach. These topics range in length from a couple of weeks to a whole term. Our English teaching is interwoven through each topic with an emphasis upon providing the children with a real purpose for writing. Please find listed below the key objectives taught in each year group throughout the year. 


Our Curriculum Documents

Please find listed below our curriculum documents. Please click on the document of your choice to download. Also listed is the National Curriculum.


Year 6 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Year 5 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Year 4 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Year 3 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Year 2 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Year 1 Mastery Term by Term Overview

Calculations guide for parents


 National Curriculum

Year 6 English

Year 5 English

Year 4 English

Year 3 English

Year 2 English

Year 1 English

Foundation Subjects

Year 6 Overview

Year 5 Overview

Year 4 Overview

Year 3 Overview

Year 2 Overview

Year 1 Overview

 Extra Information

What to Expect When - A Parents Guide by for Children

Cluster Maths Curriculum 2017

Reading Schemes

Foundation Stage Overview

Modern Foreign Language


 25 Things to do Before You Leave Whitefriars


The Whitefriars ’25 Things to do Before You Leave Whitefriars’ is designed to further enhance our outstanding curriculum. It gives every child the opportunity to participate in 25 experiences which they will remember for a lifetime. It has evolved from discussions about the National Trust’s top 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ . Each one of the top 25 is designed to push boundaries of experiences traditionally associated with school. The key idea behind it is to give children access to a range of experiences which they will always remember!


The list was constructed by the children and teachers of Whitefriars. First each class council constructed their own list which the school council representatives, after much discussion, collated into a single list. Teachers and other school staff also constructed their own list which was taken back to the school council and added where possible. Initial ideas were discussed, some were eliminated, others were expanded upon. The final ’25 Things to do!!’ experiences have been developed following these meetings.

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