Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

Wow Cards Wow Whitefriars


On 5th January 2016, Mr Tuckwood introduced WOW cards to the children, which celebrates the children’s individual qualities.

As a school, we focus on different values each half term. Mr Tuckwood and Mrs Spooner thought it would be a fantastic idea to create an achievement card that focuses on a child’s personal attributes, rather than just their efforts in learning. Children need to show certain values such as: being a good friend, taking responsibility and having hope. For a child to receive a WOW card they must ‘wow’ members of staff, showing one or more of these values.

Many members of staff have already handed out a WOW card including Mrs Woodrow, who gave a WOW card to Alex in Year 5. He achieved this card for truthfulness and compassion. “This is such a great way of showing how much we appreciate the children as individuals,” quoted Mrs Barrett, a year 3 teacher.

Service and Justice were two other values that could have been included within the WOW cards; however, Mr Tuckwood thought it would have been a ‘struggle to prove’ and for the children to understand. These cards will be handed out to children who have shown the values on the cards. By the end of the school year, hopefully many children would have received a card or more although others may not receive any at all. WOW cards are extremely special to the individual and can only be given when they have shown a value for life.

Reported by: Aiste, Thomas, Meg, Alina and Jade (Journalism Club)