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Mental Health Support Apps

Lots of mental health apps for children and young people are available to download. A selection is included below. These apps have been through a vetting process by NHS Digital, ORCHA or Our Mobile Health.

Chill Panda

What it help with: stress, worry.

Age: 6-12, but can be used by children younger than 6 with an adult.

What is it? A family friendly relaxation, breathing exercise and activity app designed by a Clinical Psychologist and recommended by the NHS in the UK.

Chill Panda aims to help children and adults to start to understand how their bodies respond to different feelings. To start learning about this you can use the app to take your heart rate, use a simple scale to rate your feelings, and then do some play-based activities demonstrated to you by a panda avatar. It aims to enhance self-regulation of emotions by introducing ideas and skills that could help children and families understand the relationship between their feelings, body sensations and different activities.

Feeling good

What it can help with: low mood, stress, worry, anxiety, depression.

Age: 16+/ teens version for 11-15 years.

What is it? An audio mind-body programme that takes you through a set of 12 relaxation and visualisation exercises. This aims to allow you to switch to a helpful state of mind and let go of the negative emotional triggers which underpin distress, whilst simultaneously increasing your positivity and focus. The techniques aim to build a resilient mindset of positive motivations, removing the blocks to positive internal vision, and enabling goal focused outcomes.


What it can help with: anxiety and depression

Age: 13+

What is it? Superbetter is a game played in real life which aims to build resilience and success. Playing Superbetter unlocks heroic potential to achieve goals that matter. It aims to help to tackle challenges including anxiety and depression.