Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

Funding Information - A letter from Mr Tuckwood.

You will probably have read and heard about changes to the funding of schools in England. 

I am writing to you today because I am gravely concerned about the impact of the new funding formula on our school, and the general welfare of our children, young people and families. 

The government is seeking to promote a funding formula across the country and as with any change, there are winners and losers. 

The Government has said that the proposed funding formula will mean an increase in funding for schools. In reality, many schools are facing real terms funding cuts because the costs associated with running a school have increased – increases in National Insurance and pension contributions and rising inflation, for instance. Coupled with other significant changes such as the introduction of an Apprenticeship Levy that will impact on nearly all schools and academies, a budget crisis is imminent. 

And then, of course, as part of last week’s budget announcement, we were told of the Government’s plans to spend precious financial resources into pursuing its selective education agenda (i.e. grammar schools) rather than ensuring schools are properly funded right now. 

These changes and the increased living costs mean that in actual fact we will have less money to spend on running schools and funding additional services. Decisions on school spending will no longer be driven by what is best for our children, young people and families but rather what we can afford, and are legally required to provide. 

Where should the cuts be made to balance the budget? Of course the deficit will mean different things in each school but is likely to impact on your child’s education. Norfolk Primary Headteachers’ Association and Norfolk Secondary Education Leaders have met with Norfolk’s MPs to discuss the issues and concerns around school funding, and MPs are keen to hear about the impact on schools in their constituencies as well as the views of people living in their communities. Please contact your MP to raise your concerns too. 

An education system must support and inspire its pupils, and offer every child and young person the opportunity to learn and be the best they can be but this system needs greater investment. 

Mr M Tuckwood