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Whitefriars Church of England Primary Academy

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What the Local Governing Body does:

The three core functions for governance in all academies are :

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

• Holding the Executive Leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and

• Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure it's money is well spent.

Primary responsibility for these functions is held by the DNEAT Board of Trustees, but it delegates responsibilities to the Local Governing Body (LGB) of each academy via a document called a Scheme of Delegation.

Our Local Governing Body consists of up to 10 Trust Appointed Governors, 2 Parent Governors, 1 Staff Governor and the Headteacher.

The full LGB meets twice each term. There are also termly meetings for each of the sub-committees:

• Resources Committee (covering finance, premises, IT, health & safety)

Members - Mr Tuckwood, Fr Ivory, Mrs Bowen, Miss Hemmings, Mr Stewart (Chair), Mrs Ashton, Mrs Woodrow

• Standards & Curriculum (covering teaching, learning and safeguarding)

Members - Mr Tuckwood, Miss Hemmings (Chair), Mr Thompson, Miss Williamson, Mrs Morgan, Miss Craig

• Ethos & Community (covering RE, Christian distinctiveness, Collective Worship, engagement with staff, pupils, parents and community)

Members - Mr Tuckwood, Fr Ivory, Fr Ling (Chair), Miss Hemmings, Miss Foreman (RE Lead)

School Governors

 Appointment Type




of office

Jill Hemmings

Chair of Governors



Rev’d Canon Christopher Ivory

Ex-Officio - KL Minster


 Kelly Bowen

Trust Appointed Governor None 2016-20

 Mark Stewart

Parent Governor None 2016-20

Father Adrian Ling

Trust Appointed Governor -

All Saints Church


Mathew Tuckwood

Head Teacher


Abbie Williamson

Trust Appointed Governor



Richard Thompson

Trust Appointed Governor



 Sarah Craig

Staff Governor



Rebekah Woodrow

Associate Governor


Melissa Morgan

Parent Governor


VACANCY 1 Trust Appointed Governors

Sandra Flaxman

Clerk to the Governors



Resume of Governors Work 2018-2019

Resources Committee

Time was spent discussing how to make the Teaching Assistants work more efficient and effective. A new structure was agreed.

The new KS1 play area finally came to fruition and the new fencing around the school was completed to fulfil our duty of safeguarding.

The whole site was looked at with the view to re-siting our resources for the SEND and inclusion work that goes on daily at the school. It is disjointed in its current location. Year 6 provision was also a focus.

Standards and Curriculum Committee

Much time was spent in the monitoring of Reading, Writing and Maths standards across the school.

We were pleased with the outcomes for Maths. Reading has improved but Writing still needs attention.

The new Ofsted Framework was looked at.


Ethos and Community Committee

The new SIAMS inspection framework was reviewed and Governors attended training sessions for this. The School Vision has changed to fit with the new requirements.  We were delighted to learn that the School had achieved the Silver REQM. Work by this committee also led to some pupils being confirmed in July. We continue to be active in Collective Worship both at the School and in our local Churches.


Full Local Governing Body

We continue to fulfil our obligations by supporting and challenging the Head Teacher in his work making sure that staff and pupils have adequate resources to satisfy a full and rich curriculum. We are constantly held to account by DNEAT and attend at AIR, HTPM, and other DNEAT meetings as required. We constantly review our policies. We are mindful of the wellbeing of both staff and pupils and aim to keep a watchful eye on this. We attended training where necessary to keep up to date with new and expected initiatives in education. We said goodbye to our long standing Safeguarding Governor and prepared for our new duties for 2019-2020. We will welcome a new Parent Governor and a new Trust Appointed Governor. Our intention for 2019-2020 is to establish the new curriculum requirements, the new SIAMS requirements and to bring about improvements where possible to our site and play time provision. We will monitor carefully the progress of the new curriculum intent and make sure our pupils have the best possible chance to gain a good and interesting education.


For further information on our Governors please click on the links below.

Scheme of Delegation

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If you would like to know more about the Governing Body, please contact the school office on 01553 761001 or click here to find out more.

Details of our Trustees and their articles of Association can be found here.

DNEAT Accounts can be found here

 If you would like to send any correspondence to the governing body you can do so via the school office.